Akubra Hats Australia

Elegance encompassed with tradition are synonymous to Akubra hats Australia. Here at Ascot Saddlery, our inventory would not have been complete if we didn’t source and provide our clients with the utmost phenomenal Akubra hats Australia. Akubra is a 4th generation, family owned Australian businesses. When the Crocodile Dundee brand was introduced to the world, the famous and iconic Akubra hat made international status. Ever since, celebrities, sportsmen and women and even the Australian Olympic team has worn the iconic Akubra. The Akubra has firmly become an ingrained part of the Australian lifestyle. This is what makes them what they are and have evolved into a global attraction.

Authentic Akubra hats are beautifully hand crafted and manufactured right in Australia with only the highest quality fur felt. The Akubra is a worthy investment for any level of hat enthusiast. Pick up your piece of Australian history today with an Akubra from us, the leading distributor of timelessly designed hats. As the years progressed, the traditional Akubra has evolved to provide a plethora of different styles and colours, while fulfilling a number of varying roles. From light to dark or colourful to neutral colors, and traditional to modified and refined styles, there’s a perfect Akubra for you, your occasion and your outfit.

If you are seeking the utmost perfect Akubra hats in Australia that are handpicked for your enjoyment, you are in the right place. With over 40 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge our team here at Ascot Saddlery are proud to offer amazing Akubra hats in Australia at equitable pricing. If you would like to know more about our Akubra hat range, or dive into our large inventory of horse ridingapparatus and accessories; feel free to browse our online website and even give us a call.