Horse Feed Supplements & Products

Your horse’s diet plays a paramount role in its overall health and well-being. Here at Ascot Saddlery we comprehend the severity of this and hence why we administer the finest and most respected horse feed supplements and horse feed products on the market. From balancers, feed for performance or various horse feed supplements to complete a well-rounded diet - we are your number one choice as we house the leading brands and horse feed products. With emphasis placed on family, quality and service all three pillars have become the foundations on which we have erected our company. Stable domestic sales and growing export market, driven by our production, is what makes us what we are today here at Ascot Saddlery.

Quality Nutrition

Quality ingredients and extensive feed analysis for the perfect bag of feed; every time. This is why we earn our reputation as the leading horse feed products company in Australia. We ensure high quality and standards are always maintained with all our dietary supplements.


Giving back to the industry through community and event support. We assist our clients from the get-go and provide them with the necessary platform to make quick and secure checkouts.


Education through nutrition support, sponsored riders insight and much more. Our clients love us, as we also educate them on all aspects of horse care. We offer our knowledge and insight built up over 40 years and share it with you!

Live, dream and experience the sophistication and versatility our horse feed products have to offer you and your horse. With in depth knowledge and a team that are riding enthusiasts, we are your number one choice when it comes to anything horse related. For more information on our services, shipping and items; contact us directly to speak with a lovely member of staff.