Horse Riding Clothes, Boots & Gear Melbourne

Elegance encompassed with tradition are synonymous with horse riding clothes from us. Here at Ascot Saddlery, our inventory would not have been complete if we didn’t source and provide our clients with the utmost phenomenal horse riding gear Melbourne. Our leading team of experts travel far and wide in order to pick up the finest and most bespoke horse riding gear available. This is our guarantee to you, that you will receive nothing but the best horse riding equipment. 

Authentic horse riding boots Melbourne are beautifully hand crafted and manufactured right in Australia with only the highest quality materials. Our online clients are just as important to us as our in store and event clients. We strive to respond promptly to online enquiries, and are always happy to measure items, compare sizes and provide advice over the phone. It is always important that our online/phone customers know, we are contactable and have an actual shop, not just an online website.

We also strive to be in line with the European fashion trends, sourcing unique and elegant riding wear, and travelling to Europe on a regular basis to meet with suppliers. We hand-select the styles that are compatible with the Australian climate and present them in a boutique-style collection, accompanied with matching accessories to complement a head to toe seamless look. Our quality and versatility shows and we appreciate all our clients, hence why we offer the utmost respectable horse riding clothes Melbourne.

If you are seeking highly durable and stylishhorse riding clothes Melbourne or even the finest horse riding gear Melbourne, that are handpicked for your enjoyment, you are in the right place. With over 40 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge our team here at Ascot Saddlery are proud to offer amazing horse riding boots Melbourne at equitable pricing. If you would like to know more about our horse riding range, or dive into our large inventory of horse racing apparatus and accessories; feel free to browse our online website or give us a call.