Thorowgood Gullet R Bar

Thorowgood Gullet R Bar
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Thorowgood Gullet R Bar
Suitable for Thorowgood saddles with a round cantle
Easily change the gullet bar to best fit the width of the horse?s withers.

Gullet Change Step 1
Step 1: Use the hex key to remove the 2 screws at the front of each panel.
Gullet Change Step 2
Step 2: Slide the panel off the point of the tree.
Gullet Change Step 3
Step 3: Unscrew all 4 bolts in the gullet bar and remove the gullet bar.
Gullet Change Step 4
Step 4: Insert different width of gullet bar. Insert all 4 bolts by hand then secure.
Sizes: Narrow, Narrow Medium, Medium , Medium Wide, Wide, Wide/Extra Wide, Extra Wide, Extra Wide/ XXWide, XXWide

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