Wahl Clipper Km 10 Brushless Rotary Motor Wide Blade

Wahl Km 10 Brushless Clipper
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Maximum cutting power through power transfer and reduced heat development, using new brushless motor technology.
? Longer service life and peak endurance values of over 10,000 hours.
? Two powerful speeds of 3000 and 3700 RPM developed for time-saving cutting and clipping of sensitive areas.
? The rounded casing facilitates optimum hair flow and enhanced cutting speed.
? Ergonimically designed, lightweight (350g), slim styling and excellent weight distribution with slip-resistant grip on lower case for a secure hold and improved handling.
? Quiet operation and low vibration, with smooth running characteristics.
? Ultra-flexible 4.2 metre long cord for a greater radius of action.
? Energy-saving switch-mode power supply with low voltage providing greater safety for both user and animal.
? Fast cutting Ultimate #10 blade set, made in USA, with cutting length 1.8mm.
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