Vipa 1 Body Protector

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Vipa 1 Body Protector
There are three performance levels of Body Protectors, the highest Level 3, is tested at the highest energy impacts. Body Protectors are designed for some protection from falling from a horse.
VIPA Body Protectors are annually tested to make sure they conform to the Standard they claim to meet, as required by Harness Racing Australia and Racing Australia.

Level 1
This Protector provides a level of protection that is required by Horse Racing throughout the world.
VIPA I Body Protector has been tested according to, and conforms with the EN13158: 2009 Standard Level 1
This VIPA I Body Protector has been approved by the Australian Racing Board (ARB) for use on Australian Race Tracks
The VIPA I Body Protector comes in Black
The VIPA I Body Protector is designed for both female and male riders.

Sizes: Extra Small Regular, Small Regular, Medium Regular, Large Regular, Large Long, Extra Large Regular, XXLarge Regular, XXLarge Long
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